Automatic Pan Feeding and Watering System For Broilers

Pan Feeding

Pan feeding system, automatic Pan feeding system
Description: This system delivers feed automatically through motor under the control of feed sensor,which ensure birds feeding during whole growing period.Eliminate hungry hyperirritability and ensure uniform growth of the birds.
Special features:
1.Decrease feed damage
2.Close feed delivery, prevent feed pollution
3.Avoid abrasion of feed pipe,prolong life span.
4.Adapt to any site and flexible to install
5.Feeding density is 30% more than normal.

Description: Vijay Raj Nipple drinker twin lock model for chick cages are specially made for one day old chick with keeping low pressure flow suitable for the day old chick for its water requirement and are available in 180 degree and 360 degree.

Cycle delivery makes feed fall at the same time, to ensure birds can grow uniformly. This feeding system delivers feed through auger,including main feed line and feed line.
Main feed line: delivers feed from silo to the hopper in the poultry house.There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line, which controls the motor on and off automatically to release automatic delivery.

Feed line: This system delivery feed automatically through motor on and off by feed sensor.

Advantage: Reduce labour intensity; one person is enough for one house. Main hopper can be as option to be replaced and one feed pan could feed 45 birds of 3.3 KG or 60 Birds of 2.4 KG or 100 Birds of 1.5 KG.

Silo if customer require.

Watering System

Pan feeding system, automatic Pan feeding system
Description:Vijay Raj Nipple drinking system supply’s clean and fresh water for birds with pressure regulator,through nipple drinking lines which are hanging through winches.
The nipple shell is made of high quality engineering plastics and is twin lock which makes the system different from others and has electric shock system.
The system can be used for Broiler 6-8 birds/nipple, breeder 10 birds/nipple.

Silo Feed System

Pan feeding system, automatic Pan feeding system
Description: Vijay Raj Feed Silo system is made using high galvanized material and includes silo, auger,delivery pipe and are available in the following capicities:
1. 4 T Diameter 1.833 M
2. 6.2 T Diameter 1.833 M
3. 5.6 Metric T Diameter 1.833 M
4. 16.4 T Diameter 2.75 M
5. 21.6 T Diameter 2.75 M

Curtain Winching System

Pan feeding system, automatic Pan feeding system
Description: Vijay Raj curtains are used to protect the birds from direct sunlight, rain and the harsh winter conditions. The curtain helps to maintain the inside temperature during brooding period.Vijay Raj curtains are made from a special HDPE woven fabric consisting of five layers with the fabric laminated on both the sides. The material is UV stabilized to avoid the harmful effect of the UV rays. The five layers are joined using a special type of electronic welding process to give a 100 percent water proof joint. Curtains are reinforced with Nylon ropes on all four sides to optimize quality and eyelets.

Vijay Raj Industries has introduced the curtain winching system to assist the labourer to raise or lower the curtain with ease and simplicity.

Vijay Raj winches are made from the best quality steel and are powder coated to prevent the winches from rusting. The winches are also provided with a unique locking so that the curtains can be winched to the desired height without a reverse fall back. The other accessories required are the small pulley made from stainless steel and big pulleys which are made from M.S. with nickel coating on which the 3mm dia. and 5mm dia. wire rope run respectively. With the help of ‘J’ hooks, both the pulleys are fitted. A 25 mm dia. M.S. Pipe runs through the length of the curtain. One winch can raise or lower a curtain around 200 feet in length.

Nest Units

Pan feeding system, automatic Pan feeding system
Description:VIJAY RAJ Laying Nest [Manual & Automatic]

Length:71.3/4”, Width: 30.1/2” 2 tier, having six nests in each tier. Making 12 nests in two tiers one side x 2 sides = 24 nest in each laying nest unit.


Made in G.I and the bottom for the laying of egg is made of G.I welded mesh.