Battery Cage Manufacturer in India

Vijay Raj comfort battery layer cage system produced with the aim for the long working  life time with excellent return on investment.

Battery Cage System for Layers

VijayRaj Poultry Battery Cage System unceasing innovation is our constant purpose because VIJAYRAJ considers the quality of materials the starting point for the creation of an automatic Battery Cage system standing out for research and functionality. The Automated Poultry Battery Cage System for layer was designed and produced for a long-lasting result, merging the design to the more modern technology, ease of use and care for particular and suitable for open and closed house battery cages in poultry which re available from 4 tier to 8 tier battery cages. Vijayraj India is one of the best poultry battery cage manufacturers in India at affordable price.

VijayRaj comfort battery layer cage system produced with the aim for the long working  life time with excellent return on investment. The material used in the manufacture of the battery cages is highly galvanized which is protection against any kind of corrosion. The engineers in over company aim for high technical standers, high performers and to achieve the results at a low cost of production. Vijay Raj automatic battery cages ensure that there are clean eggs and maximum is achieved to the farmer. The automatic battery cage design is very strong and the trolley system for feeding is its own special design.

Battery Cage Features

Feeding system

Vijay Raj battery layer cage feeding system is designed for healthy feeding. Perfect production results in less maintenance, proper feed distribution is carried out through the battery cages, feed level (0.5- 3cm). there is a possibility to adjust the feed distribution and can be control by the time table.

Watering System

Vijay Raj battery layer cages are installed with a twin lock nipple system for each cell are provided to cages which are leak proof and long life. With a Battery cage system, chickens will get access to freshwater which results in maintaining better hygiene.

Egg Collection System

Vijay Raj battery layer cages egg collection system with an elevator,eggs are collected safely and minimize the broken and cracked egg ratio, then the eggs are collected in the egg table. Elevator system provides the possibility to collect only the eggs one the chosen level. Eggs brought to the conveyer with longitudinal belt are dispatched to eggs cell through a line. Longitudinal eggs belt are made of polypropylene material. Cleaning of the belts is made automatically with the brush group behind the system.

Manure Removal System

Manure bands with tightly connected polypropylene collect the manure under all cells at every level. Band is tore and heat proof itself. These bands are operated with steel drums. This durable mechanism provide manure dispatch for longer periods and distances. When the bands are operated, the manure drops on V type manure carrying band through the scraper. Pressure rolls prevent the stretching only when the bands are operated. With solid watering system and cage construction drier manure is obtained. Vertical and horizontal manure conveyors placed at the back of the cage provide the manure to be dispatched out of the cage

Advantages & Benefits of Poultry Battery Cage for Layers

  • Battery cage system improve the health of the chickens
  • Battery cage system enhance the production of eggs
  • Battery cage system provide an option for giving better quality feed for the chickens
  • With a battery cage system, chickens will have access to freshwater
  • Battery cage system will minimize the cost of labour
  • The feeders in the poultry Battery cage system help in the reduction of feed spillage hence avoiding wastage.
  • Battery cage system provide spacious accommodation and reduce the stress of chicken
  • Battery cage system is very affordable in price
  • Poultry battery cages are durable and best suited for all egg-laying chicken types
  • Battery cages will increase the hygiene of the chicken which results in less incidence of diseases.
  • Battery cage systems are well known for ease of maintenance with very little manpower.

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