Vijay Raj



Description: Vijay Raj Vaccinator is a sturdy precision instrument designed to deliver precisely 0.1 c.c. c.c.Per dose of vaccine, antibiotic or any other injectable product.This instrument is ideal for use by the Tropical Spray, Subcutaneous Intramuscular,Intranasal or Intracrop methods of applications. This instrument has been field tested on many birds with satisfactory result.It accepts all standard length of needles.

This automatic vaccinator is a strong and accurate instrument that allows precise and reliable dosing. All components are made from finest long lasting materials treated against corrosion

Features & Service:
Clour : Gray

  1. Possible personalization of the colour for orders of 1000 pcs.
  2. Piston rod in metal.
  3. All other components in special plastic resins.