Vijay Raj



Chick Feeder Tray

Description: The Chick Feeder Tray facilitates new born chicks to consume feed easily. It can be used instead of throwing feed on paper,it provides a hygienic way of feeding and avoids diseases at the preliminary stage. It also reduces the feed wastage and increase the feed conversion ratio.
Technical Specification
Capacity of birds/Drinker : 50
Tray Height : 42 mm
Tray Dia : 400 mm

Chick Feeder 3kg.

Description: The Chick Feeder is designed to helps new born chicks to consume feed easily from day old. It reduces feed wastage and thus increase the feed conversion ratio. The quantity of feed level in the pan can be regulated with the help of the adjustment slots provided in the feeder bucket. The chick grill restrict the chicks inside the feeder thus control feed wastage,chick feeder extension (funnel) is also available for easy pouring of feed. The two way stand helps to maintain the height of chick feeder.
Technical Specification
Capacity of Chicks/Feeder : 50
Feed Capacity : 2.5 kg. - 3 kg.
Cone (top) Dia : 170 mm
Cone Height : 190 mm
Pan (bottom) Dia : 250 mm
Lip Space : 45 mm
Grill Gap : 30 mm
Stand : 2 Way

Grower Feeder 8Kg.

Description: The Grower Feeders eliminates feed wastage & it has three adjustment for controlling the feed level in feed pan. Maximum feed level should be for chicks and minimum for growers. Height of the feeder is adjustable and should be kept as high as possible. The Funnel (Extension) reduces feed wastage and increase effective feed conversion, help to pouring feed easily, reduse labour and save time. Grills also available for growers.
Technical Specification
Capacity of birds/Feeder : 50
Feed Capacity : 8 - 9 kg.
Cone (top) Dia : 280 mm
Cone Height : 228 mm
Pan (bottom) Dia : 360 mm
Lip Space : 55 mm
Grill Gap : 55 mm

Parent Feeder (Male)

Parent Feeder (Female)

Description: These Feeders are developed for Broiler Breeders to facilitate separate Male & Female Feeding. To increase the stability of the feeder additional weight pan which can be filled with gravel is provided at the bottom. Males cannot consume the feed from the Female Feeder because of it small grill size and females cannot eat the feed from Male feeder because of its greater height, hence the advantage of separate feeding is achieved.
Technical Specification
Capacity of birds/Feeder : Male :14/Female:16
Feed Capacity : 2.25 kg.
Pan (bottom) Dia : 357 mm
Grill Size : 73 mm - Male
  : 43 mm - Female